English Idioms – Cut me some slack

Idiom: Cut me some slack.

Meaning: Don’t be so critical.

Cut me some slack. I’m working for $7 an hour.

I’m sorry I made a mistake, but can’t you cut me some slack?

Cut him some slack. How can he make his shots on the court if he hasn’t had anything to eat?

I know he is not the fastest worker right now, but let’s cut him some slack. With a little practice, his working speed will improve.

Had he explained the situation to me, I would have cut him some slack and not have been so hard on him.

Since it was the last day of school before summer vacation, the teachers cut the students some slack and let them watch a movie instead of doing coursework.

I was really busy last week and couldn’t finish the report. Cut me some slack and I’ll do it by tomorrow.

Mum has been incredibly stressed out lately.  Let’s cut her some slack and wash the dishes for her after dinner.

Cut her some slack. She is trying her best.

I’m happy the police officer cut me some slack today. I can’t afford to pay another speeding ticket.

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